GUSA Roundup: Outdoors and taking roll

Yesterday, the Georgetown University Student Association met on Copley Lawn to welcome new senators from the recent by-election, to move forward on the Harbin Patio games program, and to institute harsher punishment for frequently absent senators. Like lambs to the slaughter On Saturday, the winners of GUSA senate election were announced: Sam Greco (SFS ’15) won the […]

GUSA Roundup: Changing of the guard

At yesterday’s meeting of the Georgetown University Student Association Senate, the most venerable senators approved the third member of the IRC Triumvirate Election Commission, the new chair of the Finance and Appropriations committee, and discussed the future of the GUSA Fund. And there were some long speeches read directly to Vox on unrelated topics, but we’ll […]

GUSA Roundup: Down on divestment, shoutouts for Voice

The majority of this week’s meeting of the Georgetown University Student Association Senate was spent considering the arguments of Georgetown, Divest!, which is pushing the University to divest from companies that profit from human rights violations in Israel and Palestine. The Senate also spent some time debating the Academic Working Group’s diversity requirement recommendation, but […]

GUSA Roundup: GU-SPAN and a diversity debate

At this week’s Georgetown University Student Association Senate meeting, the Senate voted down the only legislation that came up for a vote—institutionalizing GU-SPAN—but not before they had debated the measure extensively. After rejecting the legislation, the Senate turned to voicing their opinions on recent area crimes and the suggestions of the diversity initiative, which they […]

GUSA Roundup: Budget for some, nothing for others

The agenda of this Sunday’s meeting of the Georgetown University Student Association was dominated by the vote on the budget passed out of the Financial Appropriations Committee for fiscal year 2011 on Thursday. But Senators still found time to remark on the most recent controversy at Georgetown, the Plan A protest held over GAAP weekend, and dream […]

GUSA attendance high, with one Senator to be questioned about attendance

Last year’s woeful attendance at Georgetown University Student Association Senate meetings seems to be a thing of the past. Following our look at the attendance records of GUSA Senators for the fall semester, which found that only one senator—cheerleader-cum-delegate Eric Cusimano (SFS ‘10)—had missed enough meetings to qualify for a review by the Ways and […]

GUSA Roundup: Full boards, deficient cheerleading

This week’s meeting of the Georgetown University Student Association Senate included a heated contest to fill a vacant seat on the Finance and Appropriations committee, and a denouncement of Eric Cusimano’s extracurricular involvements. Here’s the wrap: Finance and Appropriations Committee Post Filled In perhaps the most contentious part of the meeting, Senator Ben Bold (COL’13) […]

GUSA Roundup: A very germane meeting of the GUSA Senate

After last week’s high-stakes and controversial Georgetown University Student Association meeting, where they passed comprehensive funding reform legislation, this week’s meeting hewed closer to classic GUSA style: longer than necessary, peppered with perfunctory legislation, and largely innocuous. The 2010 GUSA Presidential Debate The meeting began with a discussion about the much-anticipated GUSA Presidential Debate. Speaker […]

GUSA Senators attending senate meetings

GUSA’s coveted attendance trophy Well, duh, you might say upon seeing that headline. But recall that at one point last school year, attendance at Georgetown University Student Association meetings had gotten so low that senators found themselves unable to make quorum and identified six senators with attendance so bad, they could be forcibly expelled from […]

Funding board leaders roundly reject GUSA Fund

The planned GUSA Fund would make it rain Leaders from all six advisory boards voted against creating the GUSA Fund at a Funding Board meeting today, but the Finance and Appropriations Committee will still be able to pass the GUSA Fund through the Funding Board without their approval. At the meeting, advisory board leaders voiced […]

GUSA Roundup: The Eleven election meeting

Go ahead and give your GUSA Senator one—or eleven—of these! Three hours and forty-five minutes. That’s where the second meeting of the full GUSA Senate clocked in. But the 21 Senators got the most out of their time, electing 11 people to various internal positions, including Adam Talbot (COL ’12) as the Senate’s new Speaker […]