GUSA and GSC host conference on the hardships of adjunct professors

GUSA and GSC hosted a conference Wednesday night on the issues adjunct professors at Georgetown and across the country face. In May 2013, Georgetown’s adjuncts had voted to form a union under the SEIU Local 500, which is organizing… Read More

This Week in the Voice: Adjunct professors and condoms for all

In this week’s feature, News Editor Lucia He looks into the problems associated with a growing number of adjunct professors and the shrinking number of full-time professors. Kerry Danner-McDonald, an adjunct professor in the Theology department, agrees, and adds… Read More

Adjunct professors set to vote on unionization

The Service Employees International Union of the D.C. metro area filed for an election to the National Labor Relations Board in an ongoing effort to form a union of adjunct professors on the hilltop. This motion marks significant… Read More

SEIU Local 500 seeks to unionize adjuncts at Georgetown

This semester, Service Employees International Union commenced a unionization campaign with Georgetown’s adjunct professors. Last Friday, Provost Robert Groves sent an email to faculty at Georgetown acknowledging the possibility of unionized adjunct professors and encouraging faculty to report any… Read More