Former Mayor of D.C. Adrian Fenty speaks in Lohrfink

Former D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty addressed students Tuesday night in Lohrfink Auditorium about his controversial education reform. Elected in 2006, Fenty is best known for his takeover of the D.C. public school system—bringing it directly under the mayor—and his controversial appointment of Chancellor Michelle Rhee to make the changes. He focused on two subjects in […]

Former D.C. Deputy Mayor to advise DeGioia and GU’s CFO

Victor Reinoso (SFS ’91), D.C.’s former deputy mayor of education under Mayor Adrian Fenty, will join Georgetown University as an “new project development” advisor to University President John DeGioia and Chief Financial Officer Christopher Augostini. Reinoso will advise DeGioia and Augostini about “international education, distance learning and long-term strategic development.” “Victor’s more than 15 years […]

GU’s 2010 Campus Plan gets nod in mayoral candidate debate

Well, what do you know—Foxhall residents have a few reasons hate the 2010 Campus Plan, too! At last night’s mayoral candidate debate, an audience member from Foxhall, an affluent neighborhood north of both the University and Burleith, asked the three candidates what they thought of a few elements of the 2010 Campus Plan—specifically, its plans […]

Mayor Fenty applauds local leadership in remarks at the closed Philly Pizza

Having successfully completed a months-long campaign to shutter Philly Pizza, today, neighborhood residents and community leaders received an additional surprise: a visit from Mayor Adrian Fenty, who drove up to the restaurant’s former home in his Smart Car just after 11 make brief remarks about the closing of this drunk food hot spot. “They […]

Burleith Citizens’ Association talks 61-Ds, GU policy, landlords and more

Last Thursday, the Burleith Citizens’ Association held its annual meeting.  Yes, annual. “One per year? I love it!” exclaimed guest of honor Mayor Adrian Fenty (D). “That’s unprecedented, at least in D.C.” With only one meeting per year, the agenda was pretty packed, with Burleithers (Burleithians?) discussing everything from 61-D citations to the University’s ten-year […]

ANC Wrapup: Philly P, public enemy number one

Tuesday night’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting came after a very happy morning for the organization and the neighborhood, in which Mayor Adrian Fenty (D) visited Georgetown to announce that the Circulator’s service on Wisconsin Avenue would not be discontinued. In this spirit of goodwill, the ANC unanimously approved a thank-you letter to Mayor Fenty for […]

Circulator’s Wisconsin Avenue coverage saved, The Post reports

Adrian Fenty, bus savior Cheap, reliable transportation fans rejoice: The Wisconsin Avenue portion of the Georgetown—Union Station Circulator route that was slated to be discontinued this Friday has been saved, according to The Washington Post‘s Dr. Gridlock. According to the Post: D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty is scheduled to go to the D.C. Circulator bus stop […]

The District Digest: Red Line tragedy

On Monday at about 5 p.m. two Red Line trains crashed into each other near the Fort Totten station, resulting in the deadliest crash in Metro’s 33 year history.  Nine people died, including Jeanice McMillan, the operator of one of the trains, Ana Fernandez, a mother of six, and Retired Major General David Wherely, Jr. […]

The District Digest: Holocaust Museum shooting, voting rights derailed

In the interest of keeping you informed about the fine city we live in, Vox is starting a new feature, the District Digest, which will be a quick-and-easy guide to the most interesting and important D.C. stories of the week. The big, sad, awful story of the week was the shooting at the Holocaust Memorial […]

For all three of you who didn’t watch it, a recap of Obama’s speech

Yes we can (recover from this economic shitstorm)! After more than an hour of sitting patiently, contemplating whether or not the guy sitting next to you was really a secret service officer, a thundering voice came over the speaker, announcing, finally, “Ladies and gentlemen, the President… …of Georgetown University, John DeGioia!” The crowd tittered and […]

MPD: Gangs, gangs everywhere, except for Georgetown

Last week, Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier and D.C. Attorney General Peter Nickles jointly testified before Councilmember Phil Mendelson’s (D – At Large) Judiciary Committee on the “Omnibus Anti-Crime Amendment Act of 2009” and the “Public Safety and Justice Amendments Act of 2009,” two hefty crime bills originating from the Mayor Adrian Fenty’s office […]