Prefrosh Preview: Submit your questions to Vox‘s advice columnist

Howdy, Freshmen. Although Vox has already put together a fair set of prefosh previews for you all, with many more on the way, we know our fair blog won’t ever be able to answer all of your questions…. Read More

Just the Tip: Everybody come to my art show… I’m serious

Dear Emlyn, I came to Georgetown partially because its emphasis on liberal arts and Jesuit values appealed to me. You might say that my chosen major in the College is the peak of unemployability. Think “barista for life”… Read More

Just the Tip: More than the gentle assurances of Uncle Jesse

Dear Emlyn, Recently many of my friends’ relatives have been passing away unexpectedly. What’s the protocol when something like this happens? How close to you have to be to mention it or talk to them about it? I’ve… Read More

Just the Tip: A reminder that you are not 2 Chainz

Vox earnestly presents a new weekly advice column, Just the Tip. In this first edition, the lovely Emlyn Crenshaw counsels a freshman who can’t deal with his floormates’ “masculine banter” and tells another boy how to diffuse the… Read More

Send in your inner anxiety, frustrations, and angst to Vox!

More than anything else, Vox loves helping its readers. That’s why the Voice‘s ever-friendly advice column is coming to Vox! Whatever your problem—be it your inability to buy your older lady friends wine, or your hesitance breaking up… Read More

Ask Emlyn in the Voice‘s new advice column “You’ve Got Issues”

Are you constantly plagued by life’s many questions? Of course you are, your life is a mess. But the good news for you is that Emlyn knows all. Email questions to to get some sage life advice (every other week in… Read More