New policy changes to first-time violations by freshmen in Student Code of Conduct

Here’s some interesting news to all the freshmen who might be planning to leave their dorms in packs and roam the streets for parties for their first college weekend. The Office of Student Conduct¬†is expected to announce through… Read More

Georgetown releases 2011 Crime and Fire Safety Reports

Last week, Georgetown released its annual reports summing up crime and fire safety issues on its various campuses. These reports, which were posted on the Georgetown Safety and Environmental Management website, include lengthy summaries of campus procedures and… Read More

Annual crime report: Noise violations down, alcohol and drug violations up

Earlier this month, the Department of Public Safety released its Annual Crime Report. Buried in the 30 plus pages of security policy and procedure, which are required by the Clery Act, are numbers on campus crimes for the… Read More

2008 saw a dramatic increase in alcohol violations issued by DPS, Georgetown’s Annual Crime Report reveals

Last night, the Department of Public Safety released its Annual Crime Report [PDF] and buried in the 30-plus pages of explanation of campus policing procedures are some pretty interesting statistics about campus crime during the 2008 calendar year.¬†… Read More

Georgetown: not as dangerous as DPS said

Buried in the Jack the Bulldog ascension story was the fact that DPS’s Crime Awareness Report made Georgetown seem more like the Thunderdome than it actually is. The report said 7 prohibited weapons were found, but according to… Read More