University Enacts Draconian Party Regulations

The University enacted a new set of party rules this month that could take the fun out of any campus-dwelling student’s weekend. And what’s more, it seems they timed the release to avoid the predictable student backlash: Making… Read More

Paper-bagging it.

Mommy want a martini in the middle afternoon? Safeway will soon be able to help that. According to employees at the store, the supermarket just got its liquor license approved. We couldn’t speak to their manager—he’s apparently out… Read More

A t-shirt for a (GUSA) vote

Students voted on the Student Association’s proposed “Accountability and Reform Amendment” today, and quirks in the electoral procedure abounded. Supporters of the amendment, including author and Student Association Deputy Chief of Staff Matt Stoller (COL ’08), spent election… Read More

Sober kids, even Ivy League ones, can be stupid too

A campus-wide keg ban is, as the Voice has reported, suddenly a real possibility. With that in mind, check out this fine piece of journalism coming out of Harvard, where a similar keg ban went so poorly it… Read More

College Drinking! It must be stopped!

In recent weeks, much has been made of Georgetown University’s alcohol-related policies. First, there was praise and criticism for AlcoholEdu, the new online education program that all freshmen are required to take. Now, both the Voice and the… Read More