Georgetown alum describes her ‘Life in a Cult’

In the middle of top student Jenny Hunter‘s (COL ’93) senior year at Georgetown, she was recruited by a classmate into a burgeoning Christian cult, the International Church of Christ. After years of participation, which included an arranged marriage to a man she did not love, she left the ICOC in 2004. On Tuesday, the Division of […]

Georgetown Alums’s Another Earth is out of this world

Who says Econ majors can’t be creative? Today, Georgetown Alums Mike Cahill (COL ’01) and Brit Marling (COL ’05), both of whom graduated with degrees in Economics, opened their feature film Another Earth, which gained acclaim months ago when it garnered two prestigious awards at the Sundance Film Festival, in New York and Los Angeles […]

Alum to join Gaza aid mission

On Saturday, around 1000 activists from over 20 countries set sail for Gaza to try once again to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza and deliver humanitarian supplies. The move is a repeat of last year’s failed aid mission in which nine pro-Palestinian activists were left dead in Israeli military raids. One of the members […]

Alum to serve as White House Counsel

The White House announced yesterday that Kathryn Ruemmler (LAW ’96) – a Georgetown Law graduate – would replace Bob Bauer as President Obama’s legal counsel at the end of the month. “Kathy is an outstanding lawyer with impeccable judgment,” President Obama said in a press release. “Together, Bob and Kathy have led the White House […]

Costa Rica elects first female president, Georgetown grad Laura Chinchilla

While Americans were busy “awww”ing over that Google ad on Sunday, Costa Ricans were handing a landslide victory to Georgetown graduate Laura Chinchilla, the center-right politician who has become the first woman elected President in the country’s history. “Today we are making history,” said Chinchilla, who lead her closest rival by 22 points in the […]

Georgetown alum attempts to teach son Klingon, working on Klingon-English dictionary

Raising your children bilingual is pretty common, but one Georgetown grad took it to the next level. D’Armond Speers (GRD ’02), who earned a doctorate in computational linguistics at Georgetown and is a big Star Trek fan, decided to raise his newborn son speaking only Klingon, according to Speers spoke to his son in […]