Let’s compare commencement speakers, shall we?

Last week, Georgetown announced the commencement speakers for the 2011 graduates of its various programs, with reactions falling across the spectrum from happy to tepid to irate. For those of you looking to procrastinate on finals studying for… Read More

ANC 3D to American: Stay out of sight

On Monday, ANC 3D issued its ruling on the American University Campus Plan, with several conditions [PDF] that make our own ANC look downright reasonable by comparison. AU is trying to build a new residence hall [PDF] on… Read More

Huffington Post ignores Georgetown on most political colleges list

Despite being located in the capital of the United States and counting a significantly large number of former government officials, Georgetown is nowhere to be found on the Huffington Post’s list of the most political colleges. As expected,… Read More

In D.C., students graduate with more debt than in any state

Graduates from colleges in the District of Columbia have the highest level of debt in the nation, according to a report released Tuesday by The Project on Student Debt. Students in the District’s class of 2008 averaged $29,793… Read More

AU students plan short film about Georgetown bias crimes

Students at the November 2 anti-hate crime vigil Three American University students are producing a short video about the several bias–related incidents that took place on Georgetown’s campus this semester. Though they are producing the film for a… Read More