District considers styrofoam container ban

Mayor Vincent Gray has 11 pieces of environmental legislation on his plate, but the one receiving the most attention is a proposed ban on styrofoam food and drink containers. A ban on styrofoam, proponents claim, would reduce pollution in… Read More


Survey finds that the tax on disposable bags in D.C. is working

The Anacostia River Cleanup and Protection Act of 2009 (the Bag Law), which required businesses selling food or alcohol in the District to charge customers a five cent fee for a disposable bag, has reduced the use of… Read More

In first month of tax, Corp services see drop in disposable bag use

Although they still don’t have exact data illustrating the effect of D.C. bag tax on Georgetown students’ use of disposable bags, students in charge of The Corp’s services say their employees are seeing a noticeable decrease. “[We] don’t… Read More