Kathy and India Henderson: the John and John Quincy of ANC politics

Georgetown basketball has the Thompsons and the Ewings, and now Washington neighborhood politics has a dynasty of its own in Kathy and India Henderson, mother and daughter and former and current ANC5B commissioners. Then again, maybe “puppetmaster and… Read More

Leavey Esplanade, marked for death?

Attending an Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting is like watching My Super Sweet Sixteen. You endure the dullness, the conspicuous consumption, and the tantrums for gems that last only one or two minutes. While Tuesday’s meeting didn’t yield a… Read More

Georgetown police stretched thinner

Georgetown neighborhood is going to start sharing its Metro cops with more of the city if Police Chief Lanier gets her way. Her plan to organize police districts would re-zone higher crime Dupont Circle, part of downtown, and… Read More