Georgetown tops Howard as D.C.’s top employer

According to Washington D.C.’s 2010 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, Georgetown University was the city’s largest employer in 2010. Howard University, which was the largest employer in 2009, fell to fifth on the list. Howard’s fall is attributed to financial trouble and the early retirement of some of its staff members. At a jobs summit in December, […]

University gets a B grade from Sustainable Endowments Institute

Georgetown earned a B in overall sustainability this year, according to the Sustainable Endowments Institute’s annual College Sustainability Report Card. The grade is the same that the University received last year. SEI grades are based on nine categories, including climate change and energy, student involvement, green building, investment priorities, administration, and shareholder engagement. According to […]

Princeton Review ranks MBA program high for career options

The Princeton Review has released another set of lists, this time ranking Master of Business Administration programs. Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business was featured on the “Best Career Prospects” list as the nation’s fourth-best program. The 300 school, 19,000 student survey placed the Penn’s Wharton School, Harvard University, and Stanford University as first, second, and […]

GU Ranks 155th in world, according to US News and World Report

U.S. News & World Report has contributed to the host of meaningful and equitable college rankings in the past, evaluating the best learning institutions in the country. Looks like that wasn’t enough. According to rankings published in late September, Georgetown is the 155th-best college in the world, sandwiched between University of Science and Technology of […]

Georgetown men among the hairiest in the country, says inane press release

According to “research” released by the Schick razor company, Georgetown’s male students have the fourth-scruffiest faces in the country. Only 37.5 percent of men at Georgetown regularly shave, says the shameless ploy to sell razors, which is a number bested only by the University of South Florida, Harvard, and Rutgers. Our fellow D.C. colleges—American, George […]

D.C. ranked last in national hospital care rankings

Talk about an unfair disadvantage. CareChex, a division the Delta Group, a health services information company, ranked the District of Columbia as the state with the worst hospital care in the nation. The reports on quality of care [PDF] and patient satisfaction [PDF] may rank our favorite non-voting American entity as dead last, but when […]

Georgetown course tops WaPo’s list of oddest in D.C. area

Let’s chalk one up for liberal education, folks. In a recent list of the strangest courses taught at D.C.-area schools, the Georgetown’s “Philosophy 194: Hallucinating” took the number one spot. Taught by Dr. James Mattingly, the course asks some seriously profound questions, such as “How can we be sure that we’re not mistaken about everything?” and […]

Newsweek ranks Georgetown among the nation’s most diverse and LGBTQ-friendly schools

Earlier this week, Newsweek named Georgetown as the 23rd-most diverse and 24th-most LGBT-friendly school in the country, despite last year’s slew of bias-related incidents against LGBTQ students and allies. The University of Pennsylvania topped both lists. To compile the rankings, Newsweek used statistics based on ethnicity, geographic diversity, economic background, gender, and sexual orientation. (The […]

Jack the Bulldog is a “dangerous” mascot, says Fox News

Jack the Bulldog, our lovable, cuddly-looking mascot, was named one of “College’s Most Dangerous Mascots” by Fox News. This dog? Dangerous? We respectfully disagree. h/t Fr. Christopher Steck

Huffington Post ignores Georgetown on most political colleges list

Despite being located in the capital of the United States and counting a significantly large number of former government officials, Georgetown is nowhere to be found on the Huffington Post’s list of the most political colleges. As expected, American and George Washington University make the list due to their proximity to the Capitol and White […]

The Tombs is one of America’s best college bars

Or, at least Complex thinks so. Described as an ordinary college bar “with a far better menu,” the Tombs just barely slid into the magazine’s “50 Best College Bars in America” rankings. Why only 50th best? Probably because Complex thinks that everyone in the bar “seems to wear flip flops and collared shirts.”