Store employee assaulted by shoplifters in Georgetown H&M

On Saturday evening, a female salesperson at the H&M in Georgetown was beaten and sprayed with pepper spray. The woman who assaulted her was one of four women the victim had recognized as shoplifters and had been following… Read More

December Campus Crime Watch

View December Campus Crime Watch in a larger map With students clearing out from campus before the month was over, December saw little crime. Only 14 crimes were reported all month, versus 52 in October and 28 in… Read More

Two assaulted at Georgetown business

Last Friday morning, two women who are property managers at Paul Associates were assaulted by a woman who had a complaint about a property. The assailant, whom a Metropolitan Police Department incident report described as a middle-aged, slender… Read More

Assault with deadly weapon On the Waterfront

Today, MPD reported that an unknown suspect assaulted someone on the Georgetown Waterfront with a knife the night of Monday and Tuesday. Different sources place the incident, which took place at 3400 Water Street, on different dates. CapStat… Read More