Cuddler sticking with Hoyas for now

Will the AU Eagle ever stop steering us wrong? First they were wrong about Georgetown “taking action” against Juicy Campus, and now, it turns out they’re wrong about the Cuddler hitting American and GW. Voice reporter Eric Pilch… Read More

The Cuddler moves to other DC campuses

The Cuddler, last seen sneaking into the beds of Georgetown women and spooning or attempting to rape them(depending on the incident), has branched out. He recently hit the areas around George Washington University and American, and this City… Read More

Rest easy, Georgetown rumor-mongers

We checked in with VP of Student Affairs Todd Olson to see if there was any truth to claim by American University Dean of Students Sara Waldron that we’re “taking some action” against Juicy Campus. His response? Umm,… Read More

Pat Dowd denies any upcoming Juicy Campus censorship

Yesterday, the American University Eagle reported that Georgetown officials had nefarious plans for Juicy Campus. We thought that was funny considering that GUSA President Pat Dowd, once enamored with the idea, had dismissed it weeks ago. In an… Read More

Georgetown to take action against Juicy Campus? AU says so.

The most pernicious website of our time, Georgetown Juicy Campus, recently expanded to include our neighbors at George Washington and American. Now the AU Eagle is reporting that the AU administration’s official response is to wait to see… Read More

What do you think this is, a Holiday Inn?

When Georgetown housing doesn’t have enough on-campus residences available, they hold an eligibility lottery for students who don’t want to brave the wilds of off-campus leases. When American University’s housing department doesn’t have enough rooms, they pay for… Read More

University silent on sexual assault risk

After four sexual assaults in the last two weeks in the neighborhood around American University, DCist reports that “Officials from all universities in the area, including Georgetown, George Washington, UDC and American, have been briefed by police to… Read More

Kennedy Endorses Obama at AU

Senator Ted Kennedy announced his endorsement for Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama at a packed arena at American University on Monday, saying he sensed a “kind of yearning today‚Ķ[a] kind of hunger to move on and move… Read More