Georgetown Day School probable pick for Obama daughters

Hurray. The Washington Post’s education columnist says Georgetown’s streets could soon be a little more choked with black SUVs: The Post’s education columnist, Jay Mathews, is betting on Georgetown Day School as the Obamas’ likely choice. Mathews says… Read More

Georgetown grads allegedly attacked while celebrating Obama

While trying to celebrate at the White House Tuesday night, Zack Pesavento and Steve Kensinger, two 2008 Georgetown graduates, say they were attacked for carrying a rainbow flag. Part of the attack is in the above video. The… Read More

Michael Eric Dyson talks black aspirations in Gaston Hall

With soul music blaring in the background, Michael Eric Dyson stepped on the stage of Gaston Hall this evening to address several hundred members of the Georgetown community. Blending humor and poignant insights into American society, Dr. Dyson… Read More

No Clintonistas allowed?

Slate published a short piece by one of its interns, a Georgetown senior and Hoya writer named Alex Joseph. Entitled “Confessions of a young Hillary Clinton supporter,” the crux of the piece is that a lot of college… Read More

Kennedy Endorses Obama at AU

Senator Ted Kennedy announced his endorsement for Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama at a packed arena at American University on Monday, saying he sensed a “kind of yearning today‚Ķ[a] kind of hunger to move on and move… Read More