This Week in the Voice: Study up to take the bar

In this week’s feature, the Georgetown Voice staff review bars around the city to help you mix it up this weekend: Situated on 18th St. in colorful Adams Morgan, Madam’s Organ may be the bar where you have to put a napkin over your drink when you go to the bathroom, but it’s a raging good time. […]

Bars open till 4 am: Where to get your drink on during the long holiday

In a strange coincidence, the Presidential Inauguration/Martin Luther King Jr. Day long weekend will also promote something quite opposed to public service—binge drinking. Well, not necessarily, but over 150 District bars will be open for extended debauchery starting tonight until Tuesday, Jan. 22. The D.C. council approved later last calls for certain bars last summer […]

BroBible ranks Rhino #4 of best college bars in the nation

Did you really think we were done posting about college rankings? In recent news, this week BroBible ranked the 100 best college bars in the nation, with The Tombs at 90th place and Rhino Bar and Pumphouse going for the win in fourth place. According to BroBible, Georgetown is the place to go for “popped collars, […]

You’ve probably been to one of D.C.’s douchiest bars, but probably not one of the least

“Douchey” is a adjective that gets thrown around a lot in D.C.—it is, after all, chock full of politicians. But as we all know, that designation doesn’t confine itself to the Hill, and, in many cases, a person’s douche score will automatically increase whenever he or she enters an establishment where alcohol is sold. Complex quantified […]

Neighborhood buzzkill: ANC votes against later bar hours

In a unanimous vote at last night’s ANC2E meeting, Georgetown neighborhood leaders quashed an proposal for later bar hours during three-day holiday weekends. There are 19 three-day weekends, and the hours would be extended till 4 a.m. The idea was part of Council Chairman Kwame Brown‘s effort to raise $1.5 million in the District budget. Budget […]

Prefrosh Preview: Illicit activities

Below, we’ve republished Juliana Brint’s August 2009 post about “all the various vices you might be interested in engaging in during college: drinking, drugs, sex and smoking.” And here’s our disclaimer: Vox isn’t endorsing any of these activities. (And most of the advice and information came from outside sources.) Alcohol Georgetown is definitely a drinking […]

ANC Wrap-up: Bar hours extension extravaganza!

Last night’s Advisory Neighborhood meeting was pretty long for my taste. Discussion included streetcars and the ANC’s preference for having them built without overhead wires and without dedicating an entire lane of traffic to their operation—but aside from that, (and streetcars aren’t even coming to Georgetown until after an environmental review that will start in […]

Georgetown student suing Mr. Smith’s for discrimination

Georgetown student Taylor Price is suing M Street bar Mr. Smith’s for discrimination, according to ABC 7 News. Price, who has been in a wheelchair for five years after a swimming accident, claims he was discriminated against when he was at the bar with some friends on January 23, 2009. According to ABC 7 News: […]

Shot through the heart: Tombs cancels 80s Night

Oh, Tombs, you give love a bad name… The rumors are true—Tombs will indeed be discontinuing their Wednesday 80s Night. According to the Tombs’ Executive Manager Ken Siegrist, attendance at 80s Night was lower than it had been in past years and, with a crop of freshman who can’t claim to be made in the […]

Bar Review: The Brickskeller

You may not notice it, but you pass it every time you ride the GUTS bus to Dupont Circle. The mere existence of that free lift (and the three nearby bus routes that run past the university) make ignoring this bar pure foolishness. The Brickskeller, located at 22nd and P St., carries a wider variety […]