How the Hoyas changed college basketball

Leave it to a Voice writer to write a short, definitive history of the men’s basketball program under John Thompson, Jr. Mike DeBonis, an old Editor-in-Chief of this fine publication, now writes for the City Paper and as… Read More

JT III to NBA rumors unlikely: who wants to move to Charlotte?

As Georgetown students prepare to enjoy the game John Thompson III brought them, someone “close to Thompson” is saying he’s looking at a move to the NBA. Terrible news if it were true. But fortunately, it probably isn’t… Read More

The Hoyas’ blemish

While every other U.S. newspaper has been printing feel-good pieces about all the father-son connections at G’town, leave it to the Times to be critical. Friday’s sports section has an excellent and surprising piece about GU Assistant Coach… Read More

Next year? What do you mean?

While most of us were still caught up in the emotion of the Men’s Basketball team’s backdoor comeback over UNC, 2007 Recruit Chris Wright won the three-point contest at the McDonald’s All-American game in Louisville (Austin Freeman nearly… Read More

B-Ball notes

Austin touched on a few good articles about our victories below, but he neglected to mention the excellent work of our own Sports Editor Tony Francavilla—see his takes on the Sweet Sixteen and the Elite Eight. Also, Clare… Read More

The cream of the crop

Writing this now, my throat is hoarse and my ears are ringing. If you didn’t make it to New Jersey this weekend, you missed out. Hopefully, though, you made up for it while closing down M St. There… Read More

Come on, CBS …

Even as I basked in the glow of reflected glory from our beloved Men’s B-Ball team—final four bound—after the game last night, I was left with a question that had irked me from the first half onward. Why,… Read More

Where is he now?

In light of Georgetown’s Sweet 16 run, an article discusses Craig Esherick’s feelings about the success of Jeff and Roy, who were actually his recruits. He says he is proud that his boys are doing well. He also… Read More

Looking ahead to tomorrow’s game

If you haven’t heard (making you one of the five people in America), the Men’s Basketball team is matched up against Belmont in tomorrow’s first-round game of the NCAA tournament. You’ve probably never heard Belmont’s name, but that… Read More

Breaking B-Ball Victory

Georgetown pulls out the big win to take the top position in the Big East Conference—Sports Editor Tony Francavilla reports court-side … Posted by Tim Fernholz, Managing Editor