Jumping the Gun

When Jeff Green iced Villanova with two clutch free throws this Saturday, the men’s basketball team’s winning streak reached nine games. With that in mind, along with the big game against Pitt this Saturday (and tomorrow’s against the… Read More

Now they notice …

It’s been three days since the men’s basketball team played a game, and it’ll be two more before they get a chance to avenge January’s loss to Villanova. You’re probably suffering from a mix of anxiety and withdrawal…. Read More

Yo, Adrian!

Along with the basketball royalty on hand for the Hoyas’ 100th birthday celebration (Phil Perry explained why it’s not the 100th anniversary), savvy fans might have noticed D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty seeing and being seen, particularly in front… Read More

A Primer for Midnight Madness

As if the expectation weren’t big enough for this year’s men’s basketball team, the hype has already begun for the ’07-’08 season. On Wednesday, Chris Wright, a 6′-1″, 190 pound senior from local St. John’s High School committed… Read More

Midnight madness

I was in Healy Circle last night around 1:00, checking out Mustard’s Last Stand, when all of a sudden the sound of police sirens became deafening, and the front gates turned an eerie purple color from the red… Read More