Oh wait, that was yesterday? D.C. elections roundup.

Four more years! 228,062 people, or 53.44 percent of registered D.C. voters, flooded the polls yesterday for the Nov. 4th general elections, and the D.C. Board of Election & Ethics handled them with less difficulty than we expected…. Read More

The laziest ANC commissioner of all, and other fables

┬áThese blurry Eastern European people came to an ANC meeting once to learn about democracy. Really! The Advisory Neighborhood Commission might not sound interesting, but it’s actually a hotbed of intrigue. Check out last night’s meeting: Commissioner Bill… Read More

The ANC Commissioners your mother warned you about

If you’re registered to vote in DC, there are already way too many things you won’t be seeing on your ballot this November. That’s why Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E commissioner and local architect Bill Skelsey deserves a kick… Read More