Saxaspeak relaunches under The Hoya

Saxaspeak, Vox‘s old blogging buddy, is back. This time, though, it’s called, Saxaspeak: The Talk of the Hilltop, and it’s run by the Hoya. The old Saxaspeak collapsed shortly after it became a mere repository of Georgetown Google… Read More

Vox Populi is under new management

From left: Tate, Kaplan, and Redden As she announced yesterday, after a semester of terrific blogging, Juliana Brint is leaving Vox to become managing editor of the Voice. I’ve been elected blog editor in her place (some of… Read More

Because all good things must come to an end…

I’ll never let go, blog readers, I’ll never let go… Well guys, it’s been quite the semester, but my time as Blog Editor is coming to an end.  Vox will be in the very capable and experienced hands… Read More

Georgetown launches blog about website redesign

The University’s Office of Communication has been working on a redesign of the University’s main website for a few months now, and they recently launched a blog to get feedback about and issue updates about how the… Read More

The Venus Flytrap, Georgetown’s newest blog

Georgetown has seen quite a few blogs come and go over the past year—Hoya Insider, FINS, Saxa Speak, The Georgetown Examiner, George The Third, et cetra—but Vox has high hopes for the newest GU-centric student blog, The Venus… Read More

Georgetowner editor gets in on the neighborhood blogging game

For a long time, the Georgetown neighborhood blogging scene has been confined to us and Georgetown Metropolitan, but it looks like we’ve got new company: The Georgetowner‘s Editor at Large Dave Roffman has recently begun blogging at Georgetown… Read More

The mysterious case of the Georgetown students’ Key Bridge jump video

The remnants of the YouTube video in question A few weeks ago, Georgetown basketball blog Casual Hoya ran a post about a YouTube video of two male Georgetown students jumping off the Key Bridge into the Potomac River. … Read More

Vox‘s guide to outside coverage of the recent sexual assaults

With so many sexual assaults occurring in the Georgetown neighborhood in the last year and a half—including two in one week at the beginning of the school year—the University is not the only one finally acknowledging the serious… Read More

SFS-Qatar: “Huge mistake” or valuable, unique addition?

Members of SFS-Q’s first graduating class Awhile ago, Fear and Loathing Georgetown, a blog maintained by an anonymous School of Foreign Service grad, posted a rant about how Georgetown creating SFS-Qatar was “a huge mistake.” The main points… Read More

Grumpy neighbor blogs, isn’t happy to see us

Move-in time is a rather stressful period for everyone, but some of us handle it better than others.  One neighbor who’s not quite enthused by Georgetown students’ return?  “Alison,” the author of the blog Holden It Together. In… Read More