Hoya Paranoia: The perfect blog for nostalgic Georgetown fans

Looking for a new Georgetown basketball blog to tide you over until the beginning of the season?  The new Hoya Paranoia blog by Zack Tupper (COL ’09)—not to be confused with the Hoya‘s infrequently updated basketball blog of… Read More

Want to know the inner workings of the Corp? Boy have we got the blog for you!

While we were busy covering start-ups like the Hoya Insider and the Georgetown University Examiner, we missed some great blogging action that’s been going on from a major Georgetown institution: the Corp. You won’t find it under the… Read More

Hoya Insider: The new Georgetown blog with a penchant for over-zealous flyering

Anyone walking through campus yesterday probably noticed the ubiquitous flyers for something called the “Hoya Insider.” They were pretty sparse, with just a url (www.hoyainsider.com), a tagline (“An inside look into Georgetown University”), an entreaty that you “check… Read More

Georgetown grad students caught in Tehran, blog about the protests

McMahan and Iraheta in Iran Two Georgetown grad students, Justin McMahan and Andrea Iraheta, have been traveling through the Middle East and keeping a blog, Dispatches from the Region, about their journey. Things were going well, and “Dispatches… Read More

The Examiner gets its own Georgetown column

The Examiner, the right-tilting daily known for its dogged free delivery, has recently started running a “Georgetown University Examiner” column on its website. Penned by Georgetown philosophy major and American Enterprise Institute intern Peter Grace (COL ’10), the… Read More

FYI: Lighter posting during study days and exams

Vox feels your pain… Just a head’s up: expect slightly lighter posting for the next couple weeks as study days and finals get underway. Stick with us as we do our best to find that elusive balance between… Read More

Calling all Georgetown bloggers!

Hey! Do you blog? Are you a Georgetown student? Then Vox wants to add you to our blogroll! We recently revamped our link list and we’re looking to add a section for blogs by Georgetown students. If you’ve… Read More

Greetings and salutations from your new Blog Editor!

Demonstrating the kind of attention to detail I plan to bring to the blog Hey everyone! Yesterday former Blog Editor Molly Redden passed the blogging baton off to me, Juliana Brint. I’ll be taking care of Vox this… Read More

Driving off into the sunset

Back to print journalism! Well, it’s been fun, but my time as blog editor is over. Vox is now in the super-capable hands of former Voice News editor and frequent friend-of-the-blog Juliana Brint. Former Leisure editor Jim McGrory… Read More

The Georgetown Academy takes its fire to the interweb

Yipee! The Georgetown Academy is finally on the web. Last week, everyone’s favorite orthodox Catholic campus publication (which David Gregory (COL `10) and friends revived back in October) uploaded content from their three issues onto a blog-style website,… Read More