New DC lovers and haters

When Vox Populi can’t post enough to fill your hunger for DC blogging, we frantically order take-out from other sites to serve you instead. Here are two recently restructured Washington blogs that might satisfy you: We Love DC…. Read More

Do you hate DC?

Do Red Line delays make you foam at the mouth? Have you ever mocked a tourist to his or her face? Do you religiously read a particular Post columnist solely to make fun of him or her? If… Read More

Decision time at The Hoya blog: puns or butter?

Vox Populi’s kissing-cousins at The Hoya‘s blog The Saxa recently made a bold move to divide their blog between regular news (Leavey421, in subtle homage to The Hatchet) and sports news (TheHoyaParanoia). But the Saxa’s editors have something… Read More

What life isn’t like at The Voice, necessarily

Two weeks ago, I wrote a column about “The Graduates,” a new blog on the New York Times‘ website. At best, I gave it a mixed review—it doesn’t tell college students anything new, it really just provides our… Read More

Famous people do it too

If you’re one of the five people (my editors included) who read Saxa Politica last week, you’ll know that I was ridiculously excited about Margaret Atwood’s visit to campus today. Not only did her talk not disappoint, but… Read More