National Park Service announces new feasibility study for Potomac boathouse

After years of incredibly expensive lobbying, and 18 months after the National Park Service seemed to postpone the project ad infinitum, it appears that the University’s efforts to build a boathouse on the Potomac waterfront are ever so… Read More

Georgetown’s boathouse plans delayed yet again

These days, $1,000,000 won’t get you very far—at least not on the shores of the Potomac. Despite spending seven figures on lobbying efforts aimed to get the National Park Service to approve the construction of a new boathouse… Read More

Georgetown boathouse lobbying gets a little more expensive

Georgetown must really want a boathouse on the Potomac. In the fourth quarter of 2009, the school spent at least $5,000 on lobbying efforts (PDF) ultimately aimed at getting the National Park Service to approve the proposed boathouse… Read More

Lobbying bill for Georgetown boathouse inches higher

A computer-generated image of the boathouse (on the left) Georgetown just wants to row, row, row its boats, spending as much as $5,000 from July to September lobbying for the right to build a boathouse on the Potomac,… Read More

$20,000 added to boathouse lobbying bill, bringing it to $1.2 million

A computer-generated image of what the boathouse would look like Georgetown is definitely putting its money where its mouth is on the proposed boathouse on the Potomac. A lobbying report [PDF] filed last week shows that between April… Read More

Georgetown boathouse lobbying bill breaks $1,000,000

Computer-generated Georgetown boathouse (the boathouse on the left) The administration must love the crew team. Now, new lobbying disclosure reports from the first quarter of this year show that boathouse lobbying has cost Georgetown at least $1,030,000, up… Read More

Canoe v. rowboat fight heads to Congress

Georgetown’s crew team might be getting help in its long-running battle for a boathouse on the Potomac from the longest serving member of Congress. City Paper writer Mike DeBonis (Voice alum, natch) says Representative John Dingell of Michigan’s… Read More