Bradley Cooper spotted at Tombs with a new lady on his arm

Bradley Cooper, Georgetown player? Last night, Georgetown’s favorite alum-hearthrob Bradley Cooper was seen visiting the Tombs with a previously unseen woman. As Carol Joynt reported earlier today, the woman could possibly be Cooper’s newest girlfriend: Cooper seems to… Read More

Attention: You’re attractive and smart

As the unfortunate among us undertake the first round of finals today, it might comfort you to know that at least you’re going to look good while suffering—and no, it’s not all that healthy Leo’s food finally paying… Read More

Twuesday Tweetacular: Bradley Cooper and sunsets, how romantic

Cooper, likely another alumni ashamed by Georgetown’s failed Catholic identity, would have simply ignored ksawyers, covered his face, and kept walking. Voice assistant leisure editor Julia Lloyd-George commits an even bigger crime: believing that someone who uses Instagram is a… Read More

Bradley Cooper speaks in Gaston, campus population swoons

Last night, Bradley Cooper (COL ’97) spoke in Gaston Hall. And by “spoke,” we  mean “gracefully dodged cringe-worthy advances from giggling females.” The Hangover star opened up the evening by briefly reminiscing on his three years at Georgetown. (Cooper… Read More