Prefrosh Preview: The major news of the 2013-2014 academic year

Every year, a few instances of major news happen in Georgetown. For student journalists, those times are very exciting, but, for everyone else, major news takes a variety of forms and could be good or bad. Sometimes, Georgetown… Read More


Twuesday Tweetacular: Some students like Italian food

“Sir, you’re in the bike lane” “Fuck you” Ah, the sounds of spring in #bikedc — sharrowsDC (@sharrowsDC) April 1, 2014 Nothing says springtime in D.C. like a friendly Civil War between bikers and every other mode of… Read More

Breaking: Car crash near Wisey’s

Update, Tuesday, 6:00 pm: “It appears that the vehicle was left in neutral and simply rolled out of its space,” DPS Chief Jay Gruber said. “The vehicle was unoccupied when the accident occurred. There was nobody driving it. There… Read More

Vox launches summer edition with new feature: Vox Catuli

Just kidding guys; no one really likes cats. But seriously, this summer, Vox is going to be alive and well. I’ll be writing remotely from the Big Apple while fighting the good fight at a law firm, but… Read More