The Heckler‘s Stuef responds to backlash as critics prepare for forum

From the Heckler‘s blog Tonight, recent issues of the student satire magazine Georgetown Heckler will be the subject of a student forum planned by students who have found some of its content offensive. Jack Stuef (COL ’10), the Heckler‘s editor, told the Voice last… Read More

SCU’s Brian Kesten plans student forum on Heckler, campus satire

From the December Heckler “Why is the only context for discussing race found in humor or satire at Georgetown? Why does so much satire at Georgetown target victims of hate crimes, discrimination, sexual assault or injustice?” Those questions… Read More

SCUnity breaks from GUSA, support, backlash follow

…Using the best breakup song ever Last week, the board of the Student Commission for Unity voted to break away from GUSA. Their decision went into effect Sunday, and Brian Kesten (COL `10) promptly emailed SCUnity’s listserv with… Read More

Kesten and crew unveil SCUnity report in Gaston

It took fifteen months to compile, during which time it suffered royal controversy and headline wordplay, but the tome-of-a SCUnity report is finally here. Flanked by his SCUnity commission and his co-investigator Brian Cook (COL `10), project mastermind… Read More

GUSA Meeting Rundown: RAD and more Kesten controversy

Below is the second edition of Vox Populi’s weekly GUSA round-ups, a sass-meets-C-SPAN summary of Georgetown student government’s goings-on. In sum, we’ll go to GUSA meetings so you won’t have to. We think Tipp O’Neill would be proud…. Read More

Dowdometer: Harvest Time

It’s time for another appearance of the Dowdometer, where we gauge how GUSA President Pat Dowd is living up to expectations. He’s a pumpkin today in honor of his fall giveaway. Despite being a happy pumpkin, Pat is… Read More

Student organizing flood of students at monthly Leo’s meeting

Brian Kesten, the head of Georgetown’s Student Commission for Unity and one of this blog’s lodestars, is trying to get students to attend the University Food Committee and complain about Georgetown food poisoning. From an invite to the… Read More

GUSA: Not all peaches ‘n’ cream, grassroots explained

“Spread to the four winds!” The GUSA Senate formed the Student Commission for Unity last spring in response to last year’s bias-related incidents and The Hoya’s “Jena 6″ snafu last fall. In April, the SCU conducted a survey… Read More

R. Kelly endorses Kyle and Brian

R. Kelly’s endorsement would probably carry more weight if his singing was more consistent in this video. I’m mainly just impressed with how many people they got to do that undulating dance in semi-slow motion. Overall not badly… Read More

GUSA Candid Interviews…Williams and Kesten

Here’s the second in our series of short video interviews with GUSA candidates. Kyle Williams (SFS ’09) and Brian Kesten (COL ’10) (whom the Voice endorsed) sat down with me in Copley Hall’s Williams Chapel to discuss their… Read More