Not all who burgle steal on Prospect Street

A student awoke Friday morning¬† at 3:00¬† a.m. to find an unknown man standing next to her bed on the 3600 block of Prospect Street, the Department of Public Safety said in a PSA they released this morning…. Read More

New burglary in Kennedy

It happened early this morning (emphasis mine): She was awakened at 2:50 a.m. the same day by an unidentified white male who was crawling on the floor near her bed. When the student confronted the suspect, he stood… Read More

Village A burglary seems more like an assault

Georgetown’s crime wave continues, this time with something a lot less fun than Los Banditos Flagrantes del Toro. In a public safety alert sent out last night, DPS describes a burglary that seems a lot more serious than… Read More