Burleith Citizens Association makes it easier for residents to complain about 2010 Campus Plan

Attention Burleith residents:  If you don’t have time to write your own letter about Georgetown’s 2010 Campus Plan to University officials and local politicians, don’t worry—the Burleith Citizens Association is here to help. The BCA created a form letter for residents of Burleith to send to a number of people who have the ability to […]

Design your own 2010 Campus Plan sign

Our trip into Burleith yesterday got us thinking about a few things. Why should the residents be the only ones who get to have fun with signage? How can students get involved with the 2010 Campus Plan? And why has it been months since our last contest? And so, in the spirit of fairness, we’re […]

Lawn signs: Burleith’s newest weapon against the 2010 Campus Plan

If you’ve walked through Burleith lately, you’ve surely seen the red and white signs that have popped up on residents’ lawns over the past week. The signs, which read “OPPOSE GU’s Campus Plan” and “Our Homes Not GU’s Dorm,” are a part of the Burleith Citizens’ Association’s campaign against the 2010 Campus Plan. As we’ve […]

Another violent robbery occurs in Burleith

Early on Sunday morning, a robbery occurred on the 3700 block of Reservoir Road NW. According to the Metropolitan Police Department incident report, an unknown suspect approached the victim at approximately 3 a.m. The suspect grabbed the victim from behind and told him he was “fucked,” while another unknown suspect rifled through the victim’s pockets. […]

Burleith’s major misunderstandings about the 2010 Campus Plan

Although nothing agitates the blood of a Vox reader quite like a post about a Citizens Association of Georgetown meeting about the 2010 Campus Plan, you’ve got to hand it to our neighbors in West Georgetown—they know that plan backwards and forwards. CAG seems to have a clear idea about what exactly in the plan […]

Students and University respond to “Drunken Georgetown Students” site

So, maybe Georgetown students aren’t drunk all of the time. In recent days, both the University and students have responded to “Drunken Georgetown Students,” the website that’s fueled rampant procrastination all week long. In an e-mail statement, Director of Media Relations Andy Pino wrote, “[The University does] not believe the site is a constructive attempt […]

“Drunken Georgetown Students” shut down, rises again on Blogspot

Drunkengeorgetownstudents.com, the website every Georgetown student loves to hate, was taken offline these evening by server host Heller Information Services (HIS), only to reappear hours later at drunkengeorgetownstudents.blogspot.com. “I was pressured by the server to take [the site] down,” Stephen R. Brown, the Burleith resident who runs the site, said in a telephone interview. “I […]

Burleith resident told to blur photos in response to complaints

Heller Information Services (HIS), the server operator behind the website “Drunken Georgetown Students,” has asked Stephen R. Brown, the Burleith resident who runs the site, to “either remove the pix or blur the faces,” according to an e-mail posted by Brown. Yesterday, Vox reported that Brown has been publishing photographs of Georgetown students on his […]

Resident blogs about, photographs partying Georgetown students

Be wary the next time you head out to an off-campus party—you just might end up on “Drunken Georgetown Students,” a website run by a Burleith resident which publishes photographs and written accounts of off-campus student life. The site, which dubs Georgetown “AN EAST COAST PARTY SCHOOL,” is run by neighbor and former American University […]

Todd Olson on new developments in the 2010 Campus Plan

On Friday, Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson sat down with members of the campus press to discuss the new elements of the 2010 Campus Plan in the final draft that the University released earlier this week. Vox brought those to you Friday morning—you can check them out here. Also, don’t forget to go […]

Burleith: The idyllic little neighborhood that you’re ruining

On Wednesday night, Burleith residents crowded into a tiny classroom in the Washington International School, there to hear to a presentation by members of the Burleith Citizens Association about “why the Georgetown campus plan is bad for Burleith,” in the words of BCA President Lenore Rubino. Surrounded by kid art and shelves stacked with school […]