Fewer store closings in Georgetown during 2010

Based on this graphic, it’s pretty apparent what people come to Georgetown to do: shop and eat. Georgetown Metropolitan reports that 73% of the businesses in the neighborhood are independent. This percentage drops to 41% only a block… Read More

Georgetown MBA students spoof “Lazy Sunday”

If you thought Michael Scott’s “Lazy Scranton” was painful, just wait ’til you see “MBA McDonalds.” An MBA website discovered this gem, which some Georgetown students produced in 2006 about Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, and posted it… Read More

DC abolishes sales tax (temporarily)

I always thought the “representation” part would come before the “no taxation” part on DC’s license plate, but the 2008 Sales Tax Holiday, which kicks off at midnight tonight and runs until the 10th, suggests otherwise. All clothes,… Read More