Looks like we’re getting a bowling alley after all: BZA approves Pinstripes

This morning, the Board of Zoning Adjustment unanimously approved Vornado’s bid to build a bowling alley in Georgetown Park Mall, Georgetown Patch reports. The venue’s future remained unclear after the ANC 2E passed a resolution opposing its construction… Read More

Ignoring ANC concerns, Wisey’s attempts to expand

As reported by Georgetown Patch, Wisey’s plans to add seating to the second floor of its building, despite an Advisory Neighborhood Commission resolution that did not support the expansion. Wisey’s owner Nabeel Audeh appealed to the D.C. Board… Read More

Philly Pizza is issued a notice to vacate premises

Looks like that’s it, Philly Pizza fans. On Friday, the fast-food favorite was issued a ‘notice to discontinue illegal use of premises,’ pictured after the jump, in accordance with the BZA decision made on Tuesday to shut the… Read More

BREAKING: BZA upholds decision to revoke Philly Pizza’s license, pizza hotspot likely to close

A bureaucratic decision made at about 9:15 this evening may well be the end the Philly Pizza on Potomac Street. The District Board of Zoning Adjustment has just upheld the decision made by the D.C. Department of Consumer… Read More

Philly P to remain open for now, future still uncertain

A six-plus hour hearing to decide the fate of Philly Pizza & Grill?  Repeated explanations of the difference between fast-food establishments and restaurants? Arguments about silverware and dishwashing techniques? All this has happened before, and all this will… Read More

Board of Zoning Adjustment meeting to decide the fate of Philly P tomorrow

Depending on the outcome of an impending meeting, the first weekend back at Georgetown may be missing a key ingredient—its ranch-and-pizza mecca. On Tuesday, the owners of Philly Pizza and Grill will appeal to the D.C. Board of… Read More

Philly Pizza allowed to stay open until January 12 hearing, will be focusing on delivery

As The Hoya reported earlier today, the D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs recently revoked Philly Pizza and Grille’s certificate of occupancy, meaning everyone’s favorite midnight pizza place could be shut down. Today, the D.C. Board of… Read More