Jennifer Altemus bashes virulent Vox comments in the Current

I hope you’re happy, students of Georgetown. Because remember that string of posts we ran a while back, about how the Citizens Association of Georgetown, led by President Jennifer Altemus (COL ’88), was raising funds to defeat portions… Read More

Georgetown University’s Hospital could expand under the 2010 Campus Plan

A while back, a Vox Populi post saw a rash of upset comments about the Georgetown University Hospital’s role in the 2010 Campus Plan. Specifically, a Vox reader noticed that in the open letter Citizens’ Association of Georgetown… Read More

CAG president announces “Save Our Neighborhood” campaign against Georgetown’s 2010 Campus Plan

We’ve been speculating about whether or not the 2010 Campus Plan would be hampered by the kind of neighborhood opposition that beset the 2000 Campus Plan. We can stop wondering now. Georgetown alum and CAG President Jennifer Altemus… Read More

CAG President’s letter to DeGioia about the 2010 Campus Plan

If you don’t recall how neighborhood residents of Georgetown reacted when administrators presented the 2010 Campus Plan back in November, let me remind you of the words of Advisory Neighborhood Commission Chair Ron Lewis when he heard that… Read More

University posts 2010 Campus plan presentation, CAG expresses objections

While University officials have been floating plans about student life and transportation over the past couple weeks, this week is the big unveiling of the full first draft of the plan.  The University will be holding three meetings… Read More

E-mails between CAG and the ANC reveal neighbors’ involvement in creating Magis Row

When Georgetown announced plans to establish Magis Row, the block of 16 townhouses designated for living and learning communities that sit on the only strip of University property facing residential homes, the Voice editorial board and many students… Read More

Better Know a Local Politico: CAG President Jennifer Altemus

Last semester, Vox ran a handful of interviews with members of Georgetown’s local government, the Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner. We’re breathing new life into “Better Know an ANC Commissioner” this Fall, and we’re expanding it to include other local… Read More

Georgetown residents form two new groups to address town-gown issues

The West Village People: like this, but more concerned about trash and student noise With the battle over Georgetown’s 2010 campus plan starting to heat up, a couple of new neighborhood groups have been formed to defend the… Read More

ANC Wrapup: Never too soon to fret over hypothetical nightclubs

The image that haunts ANC Commissioners’ nightmares The big excitement last night was supposed to be a resolution on same-sex marriage in the District of Columbia, but that was pulled from the agenda at the last minute in… Read More

Georgetown neighbors taking seemingly secret photos of students’ trash

He reaps what you sow Students had better start doing an improved job of bagging their trash, if a community email chain is any indication. Early last week, the overflowing trash cans on the 1300 block of 35th… Read More