Did Angert/Kluger fulfill their campaign promises?

It has been just under a week since Calen Angert (MSB ’11) and Jason Kluger (MSB ’11) left office as president and vice president of the Georgetown University Student Association after two terms. Although Angert and Kluger have… Read More

GUSA president participates in exchange with Russia

GUSA President Calen Angert (MSB ’11), along with 14 other student body presidents from across the country, recently participated in a cultural exchange with their counterparts in Russia. As a part of the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission’s Education,… Read More

The Washington Post‘s terrible college news blog profiles Calen Angert

From time to time, the Washington Post attempts to provide good hyper-local coverage of D.C.—and they almost always fail stupendously. Recently, the Post found a new, similarly out-of-their-purview beat to epically fail at: college campuses. Their college news… Read More

GUSA Roundup: Quirky Inaugural Edition

This week’s Georgetown University Student Association meeting featured an irksome inauguration (just like Obama’s!) and tear-jerking eulogies to Philly P’s. Here’s the wrap: Inaugurations: GUSA swore in the newly-reelected President and Vice President Calen Angert (MSB ’11) and… Read More

Calen Angert and Jason Kluger win reelection to GUSA executive

In a solid victory over runners-up Matt Wagner (SFS ’11) and Emmanuel Hampton (COL ’11) and two other tickets, Georgetown University Student Association President Calen Angert (MSB ’11) and Vice President Jason Kluger (MSB ’11) have won reelection… Read More

GUSA Roundup: Full boards, deficient cheerleading

This week’s meeting of the Georgetown University Student Association Senate included a heated contest to fill a vacant seat on the Finance and Appropriations committee, and a denouncement of Eric Cusimano’s extracurricular involvements. Here’s the wrap: Finance and… Read More

“Calen and Jason: GUSA 2010″: Angert and Kluger’s GUSA campaign video

A little late out of the gate, President Calen Angert (MSB ’11) and Vice President Jason Kluger (MSB ’11), who are running for reelection in Tuesday’s Georgetown University Student Association for President and VP, have posted their campaign… Read More

The list of GUSA presidential candidates as provided by the Election Commission

Update February 9, 1:31 p.m.: Brian Roscitt has told the Voice that he and William McGeehin are dropping out of the race. — Below is the list of Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates for the Georgetown University Student… Read More

GUSA Roundup: Have you seen this bill?

At Sunday’s meeting, GUSA established that this year’s presidential elections would be accompanied by a debate between all the candidates. God know what the actual elections will look like, though—Senators lost the bill they passed last year setting… Read More

GUSA executives Calen Angert and Jason Kluger to run for reelection

On Sunday, Georgetown University Student Association Calen Angert (MSB ’11) and Jason Kluger (MSB ’11) announced to the GUSA Senate that they planned to run for reelection in the presidential election on February 23. In an interview with… Read More