Campus Crime Watch: Watch out for assault, check fraud, and eggs

GUPD reported 18 cases of crime in its March crime log, with a majority of the cases occurring in the last two weeks of the month. 22 percent, or 4 acts of crime, were reported at the Leavey Center, the highest concentration of any location on campus last month. All of the reported crimes are […]

Campus Crime Watch: Hide yo bikes, hide yo laptops

View Campus Crime Watch November 2013 in a larger mapLooks like the petty thieves and common cat burglars of Georgetown have been getting busy: there was a total of 36 crimes reported to the DPS during this past month of November. Unsurprisingly, 13 of these were thefts of either laptops or bikes. Theft November 22, 2:30 […]

Campus Crime Watch: Things get ugly at Club Lau

In August, there were 30 violent and property crimes on the Georgetown University campus. In addition to the common crimes involving the theft of property from student’s rooms, a recent string of thefts involving University flatscreen TVs have occurred in St. Mary’s Hall and the ICC. A total of four TVs were stolen from University […]

Campus Crime Watch: Beat the heat and break into a building

View Campus Crime Watch: July, 2013 in a larger map According to DPS’s campus crime log, there were 15 violent and property crimes in Georgetown this July. In addition to the typical smattering of burglaries of unlocked rooms and thefts of unattended items, there were 5 unlawful entries of Georgetown buildings. July 1, 2013 4:30 […]

Campus Crime Watch: Madness for a Chicken Madness

View Campus Crime Watch: June, 2013 in a larger mapThis June, there were 21 violent and property crimes in Georgetown, according to DPS’s daily crime log. Early in the month, a student who was previously barred from the University was removed from Wisemiller’s Grocery and Deli. He risked it all for just one more Chicken […]

Campus Crime Watch: May masturbating

View Campus Crime Watch: May 2013 in a larger map There were 22 violent and property crimes in Georgetown this May, according to DPS’s daily crime log. 15 of these were thefts of unattended property around campus, and the laptop gnomes succeeded in nabbing five victims this May. Oddly, a man was spotted wacking off in […]

Campus Crime Watch: April Showers

View Campus Crime Watch: April, 2013 in a larger mapAccording to DPS’s daily crime log, there were 28 violent and property crimes in April, 2013, not including a sexual assault from July 2010 that was reported to DPS this April. Reported crimes ran the gamut, from four public urinations to the assault of a police […]

Campus Crime Watch: March (crime) Madness

View Campus Crime: March, 2013 in a larger map This March, there were 18 violent and property crimes on campus, including four burglaries and three stolen laptops. Most notably, two individuals were apprehended for an alleged prior theft from Vital Vittles. Vox saw DPS handcuff the individuals firsthand.

Campus Crime Watch: The jig isn’t up

View Georgetown Campus Crime: February, 2013 in a larger map According to DPS’s crime log, the month of February had 37 violent and property crimes. February had a notable number of assaults on campus. There were 8 reported assaults this month, compared to just one in all of January. Earlier this month, DPS arrested a […]

Campus Crime Watch: Cold-hearted thieves

View Campus Crime Watch: January 2013 in a larger map Since university housing reopened on Jan. 8, there have been 29 violent and property crimes, according to DPS. What’s noteworthy is the relatively low number of laptops thefts. In past months, it was not uncommon for over 10 laptops to be stolen. This month only […]

Campus Crime Watch: No laptop November

View Campus Crime, November, 2012 in a larger map This November, 49 violent and property crimes were reported to Georgetown’s Department of Public Safety. The vast majority of incidences were thefts of unattended property. A total of 12 laptops were stolen this month, prompting DPS to begin a campaign for laptop safety, which included offering […]