Campus Crime Watch: 35 incidents in the month of October

View Campus Crime, October 2012 in a larger map In October of this year, there were 35 crimes reported to DPS. Most notably, a male intruder entered an unlocked home just a few blocks away from the main gates of campus, and assaulted two female students when they returned to their house. Among the slew […]

Campus Crime Watch: I’m sorry, you’re not on the list

View Vox Campus Crime Watch, June 2012 in a larger map Since Vox‘s last campus crime watch, there have been 16 crimes reported to DPS. Most of the crimes reported were thefts, but only six of those happened since the beginning of June. One student in Lau had her iPhone stolen from her desk while […]

Campus Crime Watch: Eighteen crimes on campus in May

View Campus Crime Watch, May 2012 in a larger map After eight months, Vox‘s campus crime watch is back. To date in May, DPS has reported 18 crimes on campus, compared to 31 crimes reported in the same period last year. There were five assaults, including two assaults on police officers. At least five students […]

Campus Crime Watch: Thieves don’t care about your intentions

View Campus Crime Watch: 26 June-8 August 2011 in a larger map As a student in St. Mary’s learned, thieves don’t care that you only “inadvertently” left your laptop prey to their mischievousness. Also, in a first for the crime report, someone actually recovers lost items!

Campus Crime Watch: Boiling point

View Campus Crime Watch: 4-25 July in a larger map On the whole, there were about the same number of crimes in July as in June. But this month of fever-pitch temperatures has seen far more assaults, including the sexual assault of a juvenile attending a high school program. DPS also found anti-Semitic graffiti in […]

Campus Crime Watch: Too hot to care

View Campus Crime Watch 6 June – 3 July 2011 in a larger map DPS just released the rest of the June crime data. It appears that the hot temperatures are finally starting to get to people. On June 28, two instructors – presumably with one of the summer programs – assaulted each other in […]

Campus Crime Watch: Summer doldrums

View Campus Crime Watch 17 May – 5 June 2011 in a larger map DPS just got around to updating the crime report for the last couple of weeks in May and the first week of June. From the looks of it, it’s been pretty quiet, except for the student that was robbed at gunpoint […]

Campus Crime Watch: No final, no cry

View Campus Crime Watch: 1-17 May 2011 in a larger map Much of the campus was hunkering down for finals in early May, and some students felt the need for a little chemical release. For example, there were three drug violations on Sunday, May 1. Meanwhile, there was the usual host of thefts along with […]

Campus Crime Watch: Georgetown Day Blues

View Campus Crime Watch: 27-29 April 2011 in a larger map Maybe DPS caught finals fever, or maybe there’s just been a lot going down. In any case, they didn’t find time to update the crime report past April 29. Strangely enough, other than a “tired” medical student that got a little grumpy in the […]

Campus Crime Watch: Happy pills and DPS thrills

View Campus Crime Watch: 20-26 April 2011 in a larger map This week a student was taken to the ER after taking prescription medicine that was not his. Another student was less than enthusiastic about DPS helping him walk (stumble?) down Library Walk.

Campus Crime Watch: Going postal

From feisty FedEx workers to carousing on top of Domino’s, the evidence of spring fever is everywhere. The past couple of weeks also saw a frightening string of trespassing incidents in East Campus where woman woke up to strange men in bed with them. Meanwhile, laptop theft and drug violations continue to dominate the crime […]