Campus Crime Watch: Mischievous defacement

View Campus Crime Watch: 4-8 April 2011 in a larger map DPS didn’t update the crime report very recently, but that didn’t stop our intrepid Hoyas from providing an exciting mid-week of crime. There’s something about spring weather that sure brings out the shirt larcenists and the feces smearers. Oh, Georgetown… Monday, 4 April 2011 […]

Campus Crime Watch: Late night tunneling

View Campus Crime Watch: April 1-3 in a larger map Friday, 1 April 2011 NO CRIMES REPORTED Saturday, 2 April 2011 12:23 AM – PUBLIC URINATION (Gervase). A DPS officer observed a student urinating in public. The student was identified. The case has been forwarded to student conduct. 2:07 AM – TRESPASSING (New North). Several […]

Campus Crime Watch: Same old, same old

View Campus Crime Watch: March 23-27 in a larger map Just like the weather, the crimes for last week were not very exciting. As usual, thefts dominate the report, with a few drug violations thrown into the mix. In an unusual turn of events, however, nothing was stolen from Lauinger. Wednesday, 23 March 2011 (NO […]

Campus Crime Watch: Don’t spill my ranch, bro

View Campus Crime Watch: March 11-22 in a larger map This week’s DPS report is filled with a ranch fiasco, cigarette fights, auto thefts, sexual assault, and more. Friday, 11 March 2011 11:59 PM – ATTEMPTED THEFT (Henle). While on patrol of the bicycle rack, DPS found that a cable lock showed signs where an […]

Campus Crime Watch: Crime takes no spring break

 View Campus Crime Watch: March 1-10 in a larger map The Department of Public Safety finally got around to updating the daily crime log and it is pretty clear that even though students may have been on break last week, crime certainly was not. Tuesday, 1 March 2011 8:55 AM – THEFT (Henle). DPS reported […]

Campus Crime Watch: Stand by your man

View Campus Crime Watch: February 21-28 in a larger map This past week, DPS had to educate some gentlemen at Epicurean on the finer points of chivalry when one of them tried to introduce himself to the other’s date. A number of other crimes occurred recently, including the attempted robbery of a student near LXR. […]

Campus Crime Watch: DPS didn’t update its report!

View Campus Crime Watch: January 31 – February 20 in a larger map Tuesday, 8 February 2011 10:00 AM – THEFT (Walsh). A female student went into a restroom on the fourth floor and placed her wallet on the counter. She left the area and forgot to take her wallet. When she returned to the […]

Campus Crime Watch: Riding around on my stolen bike

View Campus Crime Watch: January 31 – February 7 in a larger map The nice weather during part of this past week must have made a number of people decide to take a bike ride … on someone else’s bicycle. Thursday, February 3 10:05 AM – THEFT (1200 b/o 33rd St, NW). MPD reported an […]

Campus Crime Watch: Can I open a bank account with a stolen laptop?

View Campus Crime Watch: January 20-26 in a larger map Few crimes have been reported to the Department of Public Safety this week, but on Tuesday afternoon someone tried to fraudently open an account at the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union. Due to member privacy, GUASFCU declined to provide any comment on […]

Campus Crime Watch: As students return so does crime

View Campus Crime Watch: January 5-19 in a larger map With students’ return to Georgetown also comes crimes’ return (although there were a few incidents during break as well). The most notable crime since classes began last week is the apprehension of a student found manufacturing fake IDs. There is no record of MPD or […]

Campus Crime Watch: It’s not too cold for public urination

View Campus Crime Watch: December 1-6 in a larger map There were fewer on-campus thefts this week than average, perhaps as a result of the boreal winds buffeting the unsheltered Hilltop with their glacial terror.  Surprisingly, there were no other on-campus crimes reported.  However, a proliferation of public urination arrests occurred in suspicious proximity to […]