Poll: Baby you can’t drive your car

In the campus plan agreement, a clause devoted to parking indicates that undergraduate students “shall be prohibited from bringing cars to campus or parking their cars on the street in Georgetown, Burleith, and Foxhall.” And that’s not all,… Read More

Acres on acres, with no destination and mere speculation

Rumblings and grumblings over the results of the campus plan agreement are still alive and well. Students demand a say in the process and express disapproval over the concessions made by the University, and two days ago, students were… Read More

Comments of the Week: This is the way the campus plan ends; not with a bang but a whimper

After a 24-plus-month gestation period, which included innumerable meetings, hearings, and bitchings, this week the University and the neighbors finally welcomed into the world the long-overdue bundle of joy that is the 2010 Campus Plan. And after reading… Read More

Poll: What sucked the most in the Campus Plan agreement?

Earlier this week we ran a pretty lame but kind of funny contest asking you all what you would rename the Career Center. After receiving some minimal responses (come on guys, let’s see some creativity), we’ve decided to… Read More

Campus Plan: What rocks and what sucks

As promised yesterday in a press conference, ANC 2E finally released the full details of the provisions in the Campus Plan. University officials and neighborhood leaders have ruminated over these “proposed conditions” since negotiations restarted in early April. Both parties… Read More

ANC 2E releases details on revised Campus Plan

Earlier today, ANC 2E released the revised 2010 Campus Plan. The move follows yesterday afternoon’s jubilant announcement of a finalized plan, along with the creation of a new Georgetown Community Partnership between the university and its neighbors. It… Read More

Here’s to a future of more negotiations: Georgetown Community Partnership

Two years and a few months later, Georgetown and neighborhood leaders concluded the long drawn out battle over the Campus Plan 2010. After yesterday’s announcement that the negotiating parties had reached an agreement, President John J. DeGioia, Mayor Vincent… Read More

BREAKING: University, neighbors reach agreement on campus plan

Today, a little past noon, President John J. DeGioia sent an email, subject line “Good News on Campus Plan,” announcing the official agreement on the campus plan. After months, well, years, of back and forth between the University… Read More

Georgetown ANC Wrapup: Oh, Campus Plan, you’re such a tease

Update (5:00 p.m.): Tomorrow at 2:30 p.m., on P Street and 36th Street NW, Mayor Vince Gray, President John J. DeGioia, and ANC Commissioner Ron Lewis will make a “major announcement” on the subject of campus plan negotiations,… Read More

GU Campus Plan final “final” hearing

Tonight, the Zoning Commission will discuss and hopefully make a decision on the Georgetown University 2010-2020 campus plan. Use #GUcampusplan to join in the conversation.   GU Campus Plan final “final” hearing