Bradley Cooper spotted at Tombs with a new lady on his arm

Bradley Cooper, Georgetown player? Last night, Georgetown’s favorite alum-hearthrob Bradley Cooper was seen visiting the Tombs with a previously unseen woman. As Carol Joynt reported earlier today, the woman could possibly be Cooper’s newest girlfriend: Cooper seems to… Read More

Local blogger Carol Joynt says Georgetown should secede from D.C.

If you ever needed proof that Georgetowners are sometimes way too fond of their community, look no further than Carol Joynt’s bizarre treatise on why Georgetown should secede from D.C. to form its own city. No, you did… Read More

Restaurant (trying) to open in former Nathan’s location

A week ago, Carol Joynt, who owned Nathan’s on Wisconsin Ave. and M Street before it closed this past July, wrote on her blog that she’s heard that a restaurant is moving into the Nathan’s space—and trying to… Read More