Commencement speakers: a comparison across D.C. universities

Last week, Georgetown announced the commencement speakers for 2012 graduates. The reaction varied from mostly bored to really angry. The Catholic community continues to boil over Sebelius, but our fellow D.C. schools aren’t as lucky to be handed a controversy. Last year, Speaker of the House John Boehner spoke at Catholic University, which received criticism […]

GW Law professor challenges legality of Catholic’s same-sex dorms

Back in June, Catholic University President John Garvey announced via an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal that, starting in the Fall 2011 semester, CU students would be living in same-sex dorms. He cited a few statistics about alcohol use and sex in coed versus single-gender dorms, and reached the conclusion that keeping boys and […]

Catholic University President tells WSJ that same-sex dorms will prevent “hooking up”

Despite being a Jesuit institution, Georgetown has long been angering conservative Catholic groups for the way we let our students engage in repulsive, amoral activity. And this week, we get an even further downgrade on the scale of Good Christiandom, as one of our fellow D.C. universities introduces a new law to prevent immorality among […]

Georgetown Jesuit joins letter chastising Boehner

Yesterday, the National Catholic Reporter published an open letter signed by academics at several U.S. Catholic colleges that chastises cuts to social services proposed by U.S. House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner as out of line with Catholic social teaching. The letter, which comes as Boehner is due to give the commencement address at the […]

Let’s compare commencement speakers, shall we?

Last week, Georgetown announced the commencement speakers for the 2011 graduates of its various programs, with reactions falling across the spectrum from happy to tepid to irate. For those of you looking to procrastinate on finals studying for a few more minutes, feel free to take a glance at who will be speaking to seniors […]

CNS wraps up prayer campaign for Catholic colleges

The Cardinal Newman Society, an organization dedicated to maintaining the religious character of the nation’s Catholic universities, will wrap up its Lenten Prayer Campaign for the Renewal of Catholic Colleges on Sunday.

The Sexual Conduct Policy that makes Georgetown’s condom ban look positively progressive

Abstinence or else! This week’s City Paper cover story focuses on our coreligionists at Catholic University and the implications of an alleged sexual assault for their extraordinarily doctrinaire sex policy. The ending focuses on an extremely disturbing case of alleged rape, but the bulk of the piece is spent detailing what exactly a sexual conduct […]

Student Newspapers dumped by the thousands at Catholic University

CUA Tower Blogs reports that unidentified perpetrators have destroyed, stolen, and tossed thousands of editions of its newspaper, The Tower. The comic shown above, which appeared in The Tower in response to an ongoing campus discussion about gay rights and the Catholic church, was taped to the door of The Tower‘s office, before which an […]

No new Catholic University norovirus cases since Weds., 36 ill in total

We last left our friends at Catholic by the toilet, but according to the Washington Post, the last reported case of norovirus was Wednesday. The D.C. Health Department has confirmed that norovirus is indeed the culprit. Yesterday, The Tower recalled the norovirus outbreak that hit CUA in 2006: “An investigation by the DOH followed the […]

Norovirus hits Catholic University—again

You might remember norovirus from when it plagued and plagued and plagued Georgetown University back in early October. Well it’s back, this time striking 23 of our student neighbors to the Northeast, Catholic University. And when I say ‘back,’ I mean it. In December 2006, about 60 Catholic students fell prey to the norovirus, prompting […]