Monday Madlibs: Catholic colleges in conflict

Last weekend, at Trinity Washington University (a small, Catholic school in Northesast D.C. with an all-women’s undergraduate program), University President Patricia McGuire used her commencement speech to upbraid the anti-abortion zealots who were protesting President Obama’s appearance at… Read More

The Sexual Conduct Policy that makes Georgetown’s condom ban look positively progressive

Abstinence or else! This week’s City Paper cover story focuses on our coreligionists at Catholic University and the implications of an alleged sexual assault for their extraordinarily doctrinaire sex policy. The ending focuses on an extremely disturbing case… Read More

Georgetown prof Donna Brazile’s commencement address at Xavier U ruffles Catholic feathers

The trend of pro-choice politicos speaking at Catholic colleges and stirring up controversy continues! Georgetown professor and Democratic strategist Donna Brazile was recently picked as the commencement speaker at Xavier University of Louisiana, a historically black, Roman Catholic… Read More

GU Law honors Joe Biden, riles up Catholics

FACT: It is actually impossible to be angry at Joe Biden while looking at this picture. The Georgetown Law Center is holding a symposium today celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act. At the ceremony,… Read More

Pro-life activists to protest “Treacherous,” Obama-hosting Georgetown

You’d think that with the split-second notification Georgetown gave about President Obama’s speech, we would’ve been able to escape the wrath that militantly pro-life Catholics have heaped on Notre Dame for inviting him to be their commencement speaker…. Read More

Georgetown’s Thomas Reese weighs in on Barack Obama-Notre Dame kerfuffle

Would you let “that one” speak at your school? Yesterday, we discussed how Notre Dame’s success in booking Barack Obama to speak at the 2009 Commencement was causing a stir among conservative Catholics. Fr. Schall gave a too-coy… Read More

Monday Madlibs: Fr. Schall says what?

On Friday, Notre Dame announced that their commencement speaker would be none other than POTUS Barack Obama (aAAaaw, lucky!) It took conservative Catholics all of two days to react negatively, reminding Notre Dame that Barack Obama is “a… Read More

Spirit of Oppression

Georgetown has decided to take further steps to embrace its Catholic identity by ousting private Protestant groups outside of the office of Campus Ministry. It seems that there were “communication and coordination problems” between Georgetown’s official bastion of… Read More