Potty-mouthed D.C. Council racks up massive cell phone bill

While D.C. leaders have been touring the country, attempting to convince state lawmakers to help the District grow up and become a full-fledged state, the D.C. Council has been spewing profanity and piling up cell phone bills like… Read More

Ch-ch-ch-changes for Metro

Strange things are afoot with everyone’s favorite transportation system! First off, in the face of budget problems, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transportation Authority is considering allowing retail kiosks in Metro stations. While this would boost revenue for WMATA,… Read More

Inauguration blues got your cell phone

There won’t be room for these guys Add your cell provider to the list of infrastructures that probably won’t be able to handle D.C.’s inauguration crowds. According to WTOP, providers are trying their best to make sure that… Read More

Metro aims to improve cell phone coverage

Can you hear me now? Probably not if you are reading from one of Washington’s underground metro stations. Currently only Verizon and Sprint customers can make or receive calls, but according to the Post, hope may not be… Read More

Drop a dime with a text

Realizing how much the kids love texting, what with the Twitter, DC police chief Cathy Lanier has wisely decided to let people text crime tips to the police. Even better, the number–50411–is inspired by street slang that calls… Read More