Prefrosh Preview: Tips for CHARMS and roommate selection

Once you arrive on the Hilltop, you’ll find yourself making many big decisions: whether you’re more of a Keystone or Natty kind of person (you don’t have a choice), whether Leo’s lower floor or upper floor is your… Read More

Prefrosh Preview: CHARMS and roommate selection

Along with doing laundry more than once a year and eating things other than Pop-tarts, one of the greatest challenges in going to college is living with people you don’t know. Your freshman floor will be a curious… Read More

Prefrosh Preview: Guide to CHARMS and roommate selection

As we start to work our way into the summer, Vox will be posting prefrosh previews. This series of posts (we hope) will be a helpful guide to starting your Georgetown experience as a freshman. First off, Vox… Read More

Prefrosh Preview: CHARMing the freshmen (Hi, Class of 2014!)

We’re about a third of the way through the summer. That means BBQs, beach trips, humidity, and, above all else, the rise of pre-frosh networking on Facebook. You’ve been there. Adding everyone in the ‘Georgetown Class Of…’ group,… Read More