Remix Your Weekend: Blue Scholars, Chiddy Bang, and Deskhop

The way I see it, there are two trends that have just about made their way into modern music: the mash-up phenomenon and the Indie-hop phenomenon. I’ve highlighted some the artists that have been at the forefront of… Read More

Remix Your Weekend: The Cataracs, Clockwork, Chiddy Bang, Mike Posner, + Shwazye

It’s been so long, dare I say, since last we met? It’s NCAA season, so I’m allowed to throw down some school spirit on the remix post. But I digress. It has been some time since I posted,… Read More

Remix Your Weekend: DJ Pinto + Chiddy Bang

It seems as though after a week of beautiful weather, winter is finally upon us. Now, as much as this saddens even the most bubbly of individual, hopefully the tracks I’m posting this week will do some work… Read More

Remix Your Weekend: Kid CuDI + Chiddy Bang

As many of you may know the new Kid CuDI C.D. has leaked, which means the blogosphere is ablaze with his various singles.  I’ve decided to highlight a couple of tracks for you this week: his collaboration with… Read More