Healy Pub and New South: the contention continues

This fall, the saga of the proposed New South Student Center continues as the university enters into the public phase of their capital campaign this October. However, as discussions proceed over the layout of the NSSC, the administration… Read More

GUSA Roundup: The Eleven election meeting

Go ahead and give your GUSA Senator one—or eleven—of these! Three hours and forty-five minutes. That’s where the second meeting of the full GUSA Senate clocked in. But the 21 Senators got the most out of their time,… Read More

Vox‘s Guide to Making Informed GUSA Choices pt. 1

With the polls currently open, it’s time to decide who’ll be representing the student body in GUSA this year.  Of course, the vigilant voter always wants to make an informed decision, but it can be tough to know… Read More