Vox Talks: Georgetown Day 2011

Jack Attack: High school students ambush Georgetown’s mascot

In what can only be called an act of war, a group of high school students threw a water balloon at Jack the Bulldog yesterday. As a member of the Jack Crew walked Georgetown’s mascot into the courtyard area of the Southwest Quad, the students called out from a fifth-floor window in Kennedy Hall. “They […]

You must be this pious to ride: Fire on Jesuit golf cart leads to restrictions

We’ll admit it—we love spotting Jack the Bulldog riding around campus in a golf cart with his buddy, Fr. Christopher Steck. For a short time this week, however, it looked like Jack lost his cart privileges. “Bad news for Jack: he’s going to have to use his paws to get around campus. No more use […]

Georgetown Jesuits’ Plan for a “Distinctive Education”

It might be tough to consider the abstract merits of Georgetown’s curriculum this week—you’ve got papers to write and tests to take, after all. But, that’s not stopping some Jesuits who recently released (…hold on, Vox is taking a deep breath…) A Distinctive Education: Reflections by Georgetown Jesuits on Education at Georgetown. If the title […]