The Chronicle: Georgetown isn’t quite in the Smug Elitism Club

Tired of rankings yet? Georgetown, after failing to break the top 20 in U.S. News rankings yet again, (Go convince Charles Deacon that the CommonApp is not the devil and ask our donors to give a couple billion more to the school) receives another round of beating from the Chronicle of Higher Education’s data. The Chronicle released a study […]

Professors submit letter to DeGioia urging Uribe’s dismissal

A letter urging Georgetown to dismiss former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe, signed by over 150 scholars, was allegedly delivered by students to President John DeGioia last Wednesday. According to a press release published by the North American Congress on Latin America, Uribe’s connection to human rights violations have been ignored. “Given the human rights scandals associated […]

Chronicle of Higher Ed thinks Georgetown is a “Great College to Work For”

On Monday, The Chronicle of Higher Education released the results of its annual “Great Colleges to Work For” study. Lo and behold, Georgetown is among the best in the nation. The Chronicle focuses on the University’s “many amenities,” specifically mentioning its pharmacy and child-care services, as well as the “major benefits” of working in Washington, […]

Chronicle of Higher Education revives the Plan A Hoyas debate

If there was ever any doubt in your mind that being chained to a statue with duct tape over your mouth for eight hours sucks, The Chronicle of Higher Education put that doubt to rest. A new series on the Chronicle’s website called “Say Something: College Life. One Student at a Time,” features recent Georgetown […]

Georgetown second most expensive school in country, according to CNN

CNN recently released a ranking of the most expensive colleges and universities (based on data from the Chronicle of Higher Education) and Georgetown is a very high achiever: according to their data, we’re the second most expensive school in the country this year. With a total cost of $52,161 for the 2009-10 school year, the […]

Georgetown one of the top producers of Fulbright students

The Chronicle of Higher Education just released its annual list of the top U.S. producers of Fulbright students, and for the second year in a row, Georgetown made the cut! With 10 current students and four recent alumni winning Fulbright scholarships, Georgetown won a spot on the list of U.S. research universities with the most […]

@JackDeGioia makes it into the Chronicle of Higher Ed, admins threatening to take him down

In love with the “John DeGioia” Twitter account? You’re not alone—the Chronicle of Higher Education is, too! They just published a story on university presidents with twitter impressionists, based almost entirely on JackDeGioia, the brainchild of Georgetown Heckler Editor (and recent Vox guest poster!) Jack Stuef. The Twitter account identified as belonging to Georgetown University’s […]

Pensacola Christian College: hurray, you don’t go there

A PCC student explains how to make eye babies I know it’s a bummer when your Thursday night hookup comes to a crashing halt because Mullah Jack doesn’t want condoms sold on campus, but religion could still make your college life a lot worse. How much worse? For that, the Chronicle of Higher Ed journeyed […]