Morning Digest: Jeopardy, crooked cops, and transport

Better than a cup of coffee, the Morning Digest will provide you with what you need to be prepared for the day: a daily round-up of links, local news, and important events on campus and around D.C.      Today will have scattered clouds with a chance of rain, with a high of 75. To masticate […]

Georgetown Circulator Alters Stops

Effective October 3rd, the Georgetown-Union Station Circulator is altering some of its stops in Georgetown. Ostensibly to speed buses along, the District Department of Transportation is eliminating or consolidating a handful of stops, and adding one along the way. Here’s what’s happening: Eliminated stops Wisconsin & P St NW (eastbound) Wisconsin & P St NW […]

D.C. Circulator proposes adding routes, raising fares

On March 31, the D.C. Department of Transportation laid out its 10-year plan for the Circulator bus system, in which it proposed the addition or expansion of 11 routes, among other changes. Though developments would depend on public support and on the availability of funding, the first of the plan’s recommendations would be enacted between […]

Rosslyn Circulator to replace Blue Bus on Sunday

Starting Sunday, the Key Bridge and M Street will soon be finally banish the Blue Bus. In a rare occurrence of government efficiency, the transition from Blue Bus to Circulator has been moved up from its scheduled September 1st switch. Riders shouldn’t notice any real difference between the two because the Circulator route is identical […]

Circulator to officially replace Blue Bus in September

It’s finally happening, folks. On September 1, D.C. Circulator will replace the Dupont-Rosslyn Metro Connection “blue buses.” But don’t despair, ye olde nostalgics, because the buses are practically the only thing changing, according to the Washington Business Journal. Circulator buses will follow the same Georgetown-to-Dupont route, while running every ten minutes. Fare will be $1, […]

Transportation integration: Circulator will take over Blue Bus route this fall

In a city where a lot of transportation options are subpar (or are being rerouted by neighbors who complain that GUTS buses shake the foundations of their houses but apparently WMATA buses don’t—what?) you can never have too much Circulator. Clean, reliable, cheap, it’s good to know that the Circulator will soon by doubling down […]

Where’s the Circulator? Google Maps can tell you

Is there any reason not to love the Circulator? Their buses are clean, frequent, and cheaper than most other forms of D.C. transportation, and they follow pretty convenient routes. They’re so reliable, in fact, that they’re probably the last form of District transportation that needs to provide a way for riders to check when the […]

City Council approves new Circulator route to Rosslyn through Georgetown

The impending snOMG, snowpocolypse, snowgasm—call it what you will—is nearing the District, and it’s guaranteed to seal you within the Georgetown bubble, and probably your house, too. But while you watch TV and drink for warmth, comfort yourself by thinking about all the extra mobility you’re going to have in the future, now that the […]

D.C. Council measure may allow Circulator to extend route to Rosslyn

The D.C. City Council is considering a bill that would allow the Circulator—the frequent, clean, and inexpensive buses that link multiple core areas of the city—to run outside of the District. That measure’s approval, writes the Washington Post‘s Dr. Gridlock, would mean that a new Circulator route running through Georgetown may take over the route […]

Local leaders pushing for new Georgetown-Rosslyn Circulator route

Bye bye blue bus? It’s been a banner month for the Circulator: after the Wisconsin Avenue portion of the Georgetown-Union Station loop was saved from elimination in in the 11th hour by Mayor Adrian Fenty, plans are in the works to create a new line connecting Georgetown with Rosslyn. According to the Washington Examiner, local […]

ANC Wrapup: Philly P, public enemy number one

Tuesday night’s Advisory Neighborhood Commission meeting came after a very happy morning for the organization and the neighborhood, in which Mayor Adrian Fenty (D) visited Georgetown to announce that the Circulator’s service on Wisconsin Avenue would not be discontinued. In this spirit of goodwill, the ANC unanimously approved a thank-you letter to Mayor Fenty for […]