Circulator’s Wisconsin Avenue coverage saved, The Post reports

Adrian Fenty, bus savior Cheap, reliable transportation fans rejoice: The Wisconsin Avenue portion of the Georgetown—Union Station Circulator route that was slated to be discontinued this Friday has been saved, according to The Washington Post‘s Dr. Gridlock. According to the Post: D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty is scheduled to go to the D.C. Circulator bus stop […]

Circulator cutting Wisconsin Avenue service on October 4th

We reported last week that the Wisconsin Avenue portion of the Circulator route was in peril, and it appears the worst has come to pass: The District Department of Transportation announced that the cut was a done deal. According to a DDOT press release, widely circulated (and cursed) on local listservs, the new route will […]

Wisconsin Avenue portion of Circulator route may be cut

In our interview with Jennifer Altemus, president of the Citizens’ Association of Georgetown, you may have noticed that she mentioned the possible cut of the Circulator route up Wisconsin Avenue. The Circulator buses (which aren’t nearly as ugly as the Metrobuses) run relatively reliably every ten minutes, providing one of the few good public transportation […]

Circulator to Rosslyn may replace Georgetown Blue Bus

Next fall, you may be hopping the Circulator for $1 to escape the Georgetown bubble via Rosslyn, as opposed to one of the Blue Buses that currently rumble down the streets of Georgetown. Why? Well, WTOP reports in vague terms that it has something to do with increased efficiency (Works for me). The Circulator, which […]