The Week in Photos: Why isn’t every day Georgetown Day?

Photography by Helen Burton, Lexie Herman, and Hilary Nakasone

GWU College Dems confuse crosses, penises

All class at GWU. In George Washington University’s great tradition of drawing attention through effective use of symbols, some of its College Democrats took and defaced crosses used at an anti-abortion rally. A conservative group had placed 1,100 white, wooden crosses on University property on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and some of them […]

College Democrats go crazy with Obama win

Sellinger Lounge exploded yesterday after TV news networks projected Barack Obama the next president.

Election Night at Georgetown

How to get the most food out of election night parties

It’s election day, and that means giveaways, including free Starbucks and Ben & Jerry’s. Georgetown clubs will also be giving away free food, but if you don’t keep a tight schedule you can’t take advantage of all the freebies. Follow this dinnertime guide and finally, we’ll know where those mysterious SAC funds went–right into your […]

College Democrats endorse Cartier-Rugg for GUSA

From the College Dems email: On Monday night, the leadership of the College Democrats voted to endorse DW Cartier and Andrew Rugg for Georgetown University Student Association President and Vice President. The endorsement was the culmination of a weeklong process during which each GUSA ticket completed a questionnaire and submitted it to the College Democrats. […]

Looking for your fifteen minutes of fame?

Then look no further than Sellinger Lounge in the Leavey Center tonight from 7 pm to 1 am.  From the College Dems weekly e-mail: This Super-Duper Tuesday will be a monumental event and the College Democrats and College Republicans will be celebrating and watching the returns in bipartisan fashion in Sellinger Lounge with FREE PIZZA […]