Georgetown ranks high in graduation rate study, other D.C. schools flounder

The American Enterprise Institute just released a study of graduation rates of four-year colleges, “Diplomas and Dropouts: Which Colleges Actually Graduate Their Students (And Which Don’t).” The results, which are based on the percentage of students who graduate… Read More

City Paper teams up with summer’s unfunniest movie, America’s unfunniest comedian

City Paper is hosting a Funniest College Video Contest, which sounds like a good idea until you learn that they’re co-hosting it with the inane American Pie/Old School rip-off College, and that the grand prize is 4 tickets… Read More

Unstructured social time and the other dangers of college

I always thought that going to college would be a positive thing for my development.  Not so fast, says the New York Times.  A piece today titled “College Students Behaving Badly” suggests that the very opposite may be… Read More

Everyone is poor after college (during college, too)

You eat peanut butter because it’s cheap. You drink at home before going out to bars because drinks at home are cheaper. You’ll take any free furniture that’s offered, even if you know five people who had sex… Read More

Times to Post: “Look, some college kids don’t sell out!”

Remember that Washingon Post Magazine Cover story about how everyone who’s anyone ends up in finance and the rest of us are doomed to be ditch diggers? Well, this week the New York Times seeks to debunk the… Read More

Reality check, pleaseco

Haven’t started a charitable foundation or saved millions of African orphans from AIDS by the fall of your junior year? Sorry, but according to this weekend’s Washington Post Magazine cover story, you are doomed to a lifetime of… Read More

What life isn’t like at The Voice, necessarily

Two weeks ago, I wrote a column about “The Graduates,” a new blog on the New York Times‘ website. At best, I gave it a mixed review—it doesn’t tell college students anything new, it really just provides our… Read More