Comments of the Week: The collective wisdom of our readers

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Last week, Vox covered the housing struggles of study abroad applicants, the mediocrity of the men’s basketball team, the redistribution of wealth among student groups, the tackling of on-campus sexual assault, and the holding of classes during snow days. Hoya Stress-a reacted to the Provost’s latest policy change on class cancellations that did not involve student […]

Comments of the Week: Luca Snowman sleeps with the fishes

Last week, Vox cried over the possible End of Snowdays at Georgetown, got dysentery from a Village A water main break, and sat down for a chat with poor Sad Scott. Oh, and all the snow allowed the Floridian Vox editor to build her first snowman. Unfortunately for Vox‘s little snowman, Fact Checker believes someone on campus is […]

Comments of the Week: A whole truckload of shenanigans

Last week, Vox covered some D.C. governance shenanigans, some free speech in a Catholic university shenanigans, some mayoral election shenanigans, some GUSA Senate shenanigans, the last of which turned out to be some student-government-institutional-integrity-is-going-to-die shenanigans. Fareed lectured another commenter, DR, about free speech on a Catholic campus: I disagree with your ethic of institutional change, DR. […]

Comments of the Week: Vox brings sexy back

After a relaxing Christmas break, Vox returned with a fresh look and covered the new record store that will open in early February, adjunct professor Michael Scheuer‘s suggestion that Obama be assassinated, and some Hoya travel woes during the “polar vortex.” On the first Vox Pupuli of the semester, Burma schooled Pupuli expert Caitriona Pagni on the […]

Comments of the Week: We could all use a little more snow and sandwiches

Keeping with the spirit of season, last week Vox reported on not so naughty GUGS and its highly prized gift of coal, found out that two Hoya faculty will probably not be making the nice list this year, and kept you updated on the crazy blizzard that passed through the District. In response to the […]

Comments of the week: D.C. metro love

Last week, Vox reported on D.C.’s legally sanctioned murders of adorable deer, ANC’s approval of a Georgetown Metro stop, weekly jazz shows at Dukem, several basketball games, a professor’s dolphin research turned into children’s book, and sexist subway ads. After seeing plans for a Metro stop at Georgetown stagnate for over 50 years, Jerry Garcia observes […]

Comments of the week: Welcome, New Overlordess

Last week on Vox: the Queen of the Andals and the First Men seized control of the blog and subsequently forced her minions to report on the introduction of credit cards in D.C. cabs, a Georgetown senior’s nitrogen ice cream paradise, and Frank Gehry’s failure to make Eisenhower’s son happy. When Overlordess Echarte rose from the […]

Comments of the Week: Things Get Heated with the ‘Smoke of Satan’

Last week, Vox exposed the inadequate suicide prevention measures in the District’s jails, anticipated the craziness of the upcoming mayoral elections, and recounted House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy‘s candidness about Instagram selfies with Supreme Court Justices. But by far, Vox‘s address of the utter absurdity that is the ‘Smoke of Satan’ at Georgetown video evoked […]

Comments of the Week: All Quiet on the Trolling Front

Vox was getting busy last week and covered the LGBTQ Resource Center’s celebration and discussion of the one-year mark from the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, a new, vague initiative started off by the administration, and the adoption of gender-neutral housing by St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Commenting was sparse last week, but, considering what […]

Comments of the Week: Does Comments of the Week actually matter? Maybe

Last week, Vox got politically savvy with Kevin Spacey, cleared up some confusion surrounding a $390,000 diversion Georgetown made in 2010, and prepared for the first men’s basketball game of the season, which the Hoyas lost 75-82. After Spacey’s discussion ended rather inconclusively, voxygurl pointed out that just about every Gaston Hall talk ends the same way. […]

Comments of the Week: Chris Brown prison blues

Last week, Vox laughed at Chris Brown's assault arrest, saw more living wage legislation move into the D.C. Council, and heard Senator Dick Durbin (SFS '66, L '69) talk about his work on immigration reform. When Northeast Triangle architects referred to the new dorm's “gigabit WiFi infrastructure” at the millionth planning session, what got confused […]