10,000 reasons we love Vox commenters

We fell sleep for a few hours and—BAM!—our 10,000th comment contest ended overnight. As promised, the winner will receive his very own Georgetown Barbie. Our first five-figure comment, written by Jeffrey Bien (COL ’10), a.k.a. “Bring Back the… Read More

Site news: The countdown to 10,000

“Sloppy Joe” DeGioia threw a hissy fit after we took away his Eric Cusimano Ken doll In case you forgot, Vox plans to celebrate our impending 10,000 comment with a prize for one lucky reader. And for the… Read More

Site news: Keep your eyes out for that 10,000th comment

So, here’s the deal. When we signed on this morning, we realized that you readers have commented 9,750 times! To thank all of you for reading and commenting, we’re holding a little contest. Whoever submits comment #10,000 to… Read More